Project Sakura Wars Gets Its Own Spinoff Manga

Comicalization of new game kicks off in Weekly Young Jump next month


The Imperial Theater Revue is back in action, and we get to see them fighting and dancing in a new manga adaptation of the upcoming game.


SEGA's Project Sakura Wars will be going on sale late this year, but New Sakura Wars: The Comic will be coming our way as early as next month. The story will star Sakura Amamiya, the game's new female lead, as she joins the reassembled Flower Division in the 1940s.



The manga will be penned by Koyuri Noguchi, whose previous works include supernatural seinen series Gunjou Sword and slice-of-live sake-appreciation series We Love Nihon-shu!

New Sakura Wars: The Comic premieres in Weekly Young Jump issue 41, which goes on sale in Japan on September 12.







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