Zombie Idols Want to Chat at ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Café

Franchouchou voice actresses record special dialogue for limited-time event


An upcoming ZOMBIE LAND SAGA café will be serving up zombie-licious treats, Franchouchou memorabilia, and messages from three of your favorite undead idols!


Bandai's Enterbell service was created as a way to make the collab café experience more immersive for fans. Linking up to their app before and during your stay will put you in touch with the characters, thanks to pre-recorded dialogue. Reserve early for the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA café and Sakura, Ai, or Junko will send you a voice mail reminder a day prior to your visit.



According to the dialogue set to play out for diners, this new café is yet another way Franchouchou is meant to increase its appeal on its journey to revitalize Saga. Of course, this being Franchouchou, there is bound to be trouble at some point... and you may hear their legendary producer make an appearance as well.


The menu for the event features several series inspired dishes. Try the Gatachari curry (made to look like the bike course from episode 5's Gatalympics), Franchouchou's Squid Ink Pasta, or Matcha Cake with a message written in frosting:



Theme drinks and lattes will also be available. Before you go, you can pick up acrylic standees, buttons, and drink stirrers:



The event will run from November 1-17 at PRONTO locations in Ikebukuro and Ochanomizu.



Source: Anime! Anime!





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