Slowpoke Defends the Sewers of Kagawa Prefecture in September 2019

Manhole covers featuring artwork of Water / Psychic Pokémon will decorate 16 cities in Kagawa

A banner image for the collaboration between Slowpoke (aka Yadon) of The Pokémon Company and Kagawa Prefecture in Japan.


As part of an ongoing collaboration between Kagawa Prefecture and The Pokémon Company, everyone's favorite Water / Psychic Pokémon, Slowpoke (known as Yadon in Japan), will appear on 16 decorated manhole covers that will be installed in various municipalities throughout the prefecture beginning in September of 2019.


Images of some of the unique manhole covers featuring Slowpoke (aka Yadon) that will decorate cities in Kagawa Prefecture beginning in September of 2019.


The pun-filled origins of the "Yadon Paradise" promotion go back to April Fool's Day of 2018, when The Pokémon Company started a tongue-in-cheek petition to rename "Udon Prefecture" - a local nickname for Kagawa Prefecture, which is known for its udon noodles - to "Yadon Prefecture". Kagawa Prefecture liked the idea, and a PR campaign was born.


The collaboration has since spawned numerous Slowpoke-themed events and products, such as the manhole covers, stamp ralleys, udon dishes, and character goods such as paperweights and coasters.


Source: livedoor NEWS via My Game News Flash


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