VIDEO: Love Live! Kotori VA Aya Uchida Sings News Song "DECORATE" in Neon Light Room

Her 4th full album "Ephemera" is set to be released on November 27


The official YouTube channel for 33-year-old anime voice actress Aya Uchida, best known as Kotori Minami in Love Live! and Kaban in Kemono Friends, has started streaming a full-length music video for "DECORATE," the lead track from her upcoming fourth full album "Ephemera."


The song is written/composed/arranged by hisakuni, who previously provided "with you" in her second full album "Blooming!" (July 2015) and "Floating Heart" in her first mini-album "Sweet Tears" (February 2016). Its music video is directed by Satoru Hayashi, and a woman who is "decorated" with true feelings and sincerity is portrayed by a 22-year-old fashion model Kaede Hayashi.






While working as an anime voice actress and a member of the Love Live! franchise's VA unit μ's, she made her solo singer debut with her first album "Apple Mint" from Nippon Columbia in November 2014 and has released three singles, three albums, and two mini-albums.


Two years and two months after "ICECREAM GIRL" in September 2017, her highly-anticipated fourth album "Ephemera" is set to be released on November 27, 2019. In addition to several new songs including "DECORATE," the 11-song album also contains her latest double A-side third single songs, "Sign" (TV anime The Quintessential Quintuplets ED) and "Candy Flavor."



"Ephemera" limited edition CD jacket:


Strandard edition:


Artist photo



"Sign" MV:



"Candy Flavor" MV:



Source: Nippon Columbia press release




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