Stars of Black Butler, Code Geass, and Tokyo Ghoul Play Santa in New Ad

Voice acting stars talk cookies in Christmas Bisco commercial


What will you be leaving out for Santa this Christmas? According to confectioner Glico, your best bet is Bisco—and they're driving the point home with a trio of Santas with familiar voices.


A new five-minute video titled "The Secret Santa Association Talk" features three puppet Santas chatting about what makes them happy. The three—named Saint, Nichol, and Olas—are voices by Takahiro Sakurai (Suzaku Kururugi, Code Geass), Natsuki Hanae (Ken Kaneki, Tokyo Ghoul), and Daisuke Ono (Sebastian, Black Butler). 



The scene was recorded (and largely ad-libbed) ahead of time amongst the three voice actors in a recording studio, allowing the "talk show" style conversation to flow more naturally. So what makes Santa happy? Giving presents, getting thank-you notes, and (mainly) Bisco cookies.


In addition to the long version seen above, there will also be a 60-second version available.


>> Christmas Bisco Website

Source: Anime! Anime!





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