Hiro Kanzaki Celebrates Virtual YouTuber Himemori Luna's Debut One-Month Anniversary with Cute Twitter Art

The Princess of Candy Land has attracted 69,000 subscribers

As reported, Hiro Kanzaki, known for his illustration works for Tsukasa Fushimi's Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai and Eromanga Sensei light novel series, designed a virtual YouTuber Himemori Luna for Tokyo-based virtual YouTuber management company COVER.


Soon after she live-streamed a memorial program for the one-month anniversary of her YouTuber debut last night, he also posted a special illustration of her to celebrate the day on his official Twitter account.







Himemori Luna is one of the five fourth-generation members of COVER's female virtual YouTuber group Holo Live. She is a princess of Candy Land, spoiled but friendly. She started her activities on YouTube on January 4, 2020. Since then, she has posted 44 videos and attracted 69,000 subscribers.


[YouTube] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa9Y57gfeY0Zro_noHRVrnw

[Twitter] https://twitter.com/himemoriluna



Himemori Luna official character visual:


Her first video:


Kanzaki's Twitter post after Luna's first video was streamed:



Source: Hiro Kanzaki official Twitter


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