Summer Isn't So Far Away with FGO's Mash Kyrielight Swimsuit Figure

New figure kicks off "Summer Queens" line


There's still a little winter left, but Mash Kyrielight is all ready for summer!


The beloved Shielder of Fate/Grand Order is the first in a new line of FGO figures. The Summer Queen line will feature your favorite Servants decked out for the beach, in their familiar summer looks from the game's seasonal events. Mash sports her pink and white swimsuit dress:



An extra bangs piece lets you display the figure with or without glasses:



The 1/8 scale figure comes with a simple display base. Pre-orders are now open for 10,340 yen (about $94.03), tax included. Figures will ship out starting in late November.


>> Fate/Grand Order Summer Queens: Mash Kyrielight Product Page

Source: Anime! Anime!



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