Everyday Life is Strange in Shimeji Simulation Voice Comic Promo Video

Surreal comedy comic by author of "Girls' Last Tour" publishes its first collected volume in Japan on February 28th

A banner image promoting the Shimeji Simulation manga by Tsukumizu, featuring artwork of the main character, Shijima Tsukishima, and her best friend, Majime Yamashita, arriving at high school with mushrooms and a fried egg on top of their respective heads.


The first volume of Shimeji Simulation, the latest 4-panel manga series by Tsukumizu (Girls' Last Tour), has just been published in Japan, and to celebrate the occasion, several chapters of the surreal everyday comedy about a recovering shut-in girl with mushrooms growing out of the top of her head have been adapted into a promotional voice comic.


The voice comic (below) features the voice talents of: Naomi Ohzora as Shijima Tsukishima, the main character; Yumiri Hanamori as Majime Yamashita, Shijima's best friend; and Mai Fuchigami as Shijima's Elder Sister.



Shimeji Simulation is serialized in Media Factory's Monthly Comic Cune. The story follows Shijima Tsukishima, a quiet, down-to-earth girl who became completely withdrawn from society in middle school, but who decided recently to attend high school. When she looks in the mirror for the first time in months, Shijima is surprised to discover that she has edible shimeji mushrooms growing from the top of her head.


The cover of the first collected volume of Shimeji Simulation, a surreal everyday comedy manga by Tsukumizu starring a recovering shut-in high school girl with mushrooms growing out of the top her head.


The first volume of Shimeji Simulation was published in Japan on February 28, 2020. It retails for 820 yen ($7.55 US) plus tax.


Source: MoCa


Copyright notice: © Tsukumizu / KADOKAWA


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