Manga Author, Director and Character Designer Express Their Enthusiasm for TV Anime Kingdom 3rd Season

The much-awaited new season is set to premiere on April 5



The official website for the TV anime adaptation of Yasuhisa Hara's historical adventure manga Kingdom is updated today with two new key visuals for its forthcoming third season based on the manga's Coalition Invasion Arc, and posted messages from the manga author, the anime's director Ken'ichi Imaizumi (After School Dice Club) and character designer Hisashi Abe (Berserk). 


The third season of the Kingdom TV anime is set to premiere on NHK General TV on April 5, 2020. In place of the first season (2012-2013)'s Jun Kamiya and the second season (2013-2014)'s Akira Iwanaga, Kenichi Imaizumi newly serves as director, while the manga author Hara has joined the anime project as supervisor.  






Message from the Kingdom manga author Yasuhisa Hara:


"It's been about a month until the new season of the Kingdom anime starts! I visited the anime's voice recording session the other day, and the inside of the booth was just like a battlefield because of the enthusiastic performance by the voice actors (and I laughed at the speaking Ogiko). In the Coalition Invasion Arc to be depicted in the anime this time, all the warlords have more stylish and powerful designs than expected, and I am already full of expectations for the scenes in which they will move animatedly in the battlefield. And the offer for the music was accepted by Unicorn Gundam's Hiroyuki Sawano-san whom I admire! The music is great, and just listening to it raises my temperature (I listen to it while drawing my works every day). I want to see this fusion of music and animation soon! The TV premiere is almost there. Imagining the biggest battlefield in the history of the Kingdom anime, we would be happy if you could wait a little longer."



Message from the Kingdom anime third season director Ken'ichi Imaizumi:


"Since we have to animate the 'Battle of Kankoku Pass,' which is the largest-scale episode in the original manga, we were scared of the huge size of its scale. But all the staff have been working hard to express the excitements of the original manga in animation. To make it enjoyable not only for fans of the original manga, but also for those who have become fans of Kingdom by the live-action film, we have been trying our best. Please watch it on TV."



Message from the anime character designer Hisashi Abe: 


"Being appointed by Hara-sensei, I am in charge of the character design for the third season, and this is my first time to join the series. Because it's the Coalition Invasion Arc, the third season has more characters (which was 200 in the initial list...) and battle scenes than the previous seasons. And furthermore, it was a work to pursue how to reproduce the armor, decorations and details without losing the texture and density of the characters in the original manga. All of the staff and cast have worked hard every day so that the anime can express the scale and dynamism that are unique to Kingdom to the fullest extent, so I hope you enjoy watching it."



 The third season Teaser PV:



Source: TV anime "Kingdom" official website / Twitter


©Yasuhisa Hara/Shueisha, Kingdom Production Committee


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