Girls Wield Huge Weapons in Assault Lily BOUQUET TV Anime Teaser

Mixed media project by AZONE INTERNATIONAL and acus hits Japanese airwaves in July of 2020

Riri Hitotsuyanagi strikes a heroic pose with her massive "Charm" buster sword in a scene from the upcoming Assault Lily BOUQUET TV anime.


Young women wield great big melee weaponry in a new teaser movie for Assault Lily BOUQUET, an upcoming TV anime that is part of the mixed media project by AZONE INTERNATIONAL and acus that also includes stage plays and action dolls.



The story of Assault Lily BOUQUET is set in the near future, when the Earth is threatened by gigantic, mysterious creatures known as "Huge". In this setting, young women known as "Lily" develop special powers known as "CHARM" in order to protect humanity, and the locations where they train for their battles against the Huge are known as "Gardens". A young woman named Riri Hitotsuyanagi attends Yurigaoka Girl's College, a prestigious Garden in Tokyo, and prepares to battle the Huge with her friends.


The main cast of Assault Lily BOUQUET gathers in front of their school, posing with their over-sized weapons.


Assault Lily BOUQUET is directed by Shôji Saeki and features animation production by Shaft. The series will broadcast in Japan on Tokyo Broadcasting System and other stations beginning in July of 2020.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © AZONE INTERNATIONAL・acus/Assault Lily Project


Asta from Black Clover poses with his massive sword for a Crunchyroll ad banner.



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