Tower of God Character Designers Celebrate 2 Weeks Till Airing With Khun Drawings

The Crunchyroll Original will be streaming weekly from April 1

Tower of God


It’s only two weeks until Tower of God starts its weekly broadcast from April 1 and no one is more excited than the character designers for the series, Miho Tanino, who is sharing the duties with BLEACH character designer Masashi Kudo.


To show their excitement, this week, both of them drew images of Khun on their twitter accounts, with Kudo drawing his on March 13, and Tanino posting hers on March 18.


Masashi Kudo’s Khun:


Miho Tanino’s Khun:


Khun wasn’t the only character Tanino drew up this week. She also illustrated a beautiful image of Rachel and Bam staring into each other's souls on March 15.



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Sources: Miho Tanino on Twitter (1, 2), Masashi Kudo on Twitter


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