Manga Artist Transforms One Piece into a Romantic Shoujo Series

Yoko Maki provides a unique twist on the Whole Cake Island story

Shoujo One Piece


Shoujo manga artist Yoko Maki (Aishiteiru Ze Baby, Romantica Clock) may have retired last year, but thankfully she took some time to put pen to paper in a promotional crossover with Pirate Warriors 4 that had her reimagining One Piece as a gorgeous, pastel-colored shoujo manga. 


In Maki's version of One Piece, the Whole Cake Island arc elegantly transforms into the tale of the all-girls school known as Whole Cake Academy. It's there that Luffy appears to use his Gum Gum powers to put the kabe-don—or fierce wall slapping seen in many a shoujo manga and anime during romantic scenes—on Charlotte Linlin, AKA Big Mom.


Here's the full piece: 



You can see more in the trailer below, followed by a breakdown of the individual character designs. 



Luffy wastes no time making his move.



Another look at Big Mom, head of the student council who looks positively flummoxed at the fact that she's fallen for Luffy.



Nami looks classier than ever.



Nico Robin is an impressively well-read student librarian.



Boa Hancock heads up the Campus Beautification Committee, and despite her many admirers, her own heart doesn't go doki doki until she meets Luffy.



Tashigi has become captain of the school's kendo club.



Carrot, pictured on the left below, leads the Animal Welfare Committee at the school, of course. Vinsmoke Reiju, right, has a certain swirly-browed younger brother who keeps trying to sneak into the academy to chase the girls. 



We want to see more! Here's hoping this promotion inspires further spins on the One Piece aesthetic, a la those amazing Cup Noodle ads. 


Via SoraNews24




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