Stir-Crazy Solid Snake Brings Online Bonuses to Metal Gear Solid Fans

Voice actors join forces for a quarantine-themed codec and special announcement


Think you're getting stir-crazy at home? Imagine being Solid Snake with nowhere to go.


Jordan Vogt-Roberts, director of the upcoming Metal Gear Solid film adaptation, shared a new codec video on his Twitter account. The video features the familiar voices of David Hayter, Paul Eiding, and Christopher Randolph as Snake, Col. Campell, and Otacon respectively. It's not an easy task to make Snake stay at home when he's itching for a fight—even for the greater good:



Snake closes out the codec with an announcement: in light of the lack of Metal Gear Solid film production news, Vogt-Roberts will be releasing more concept art from the film to lift fans's spirits during lockdown. Here are just a few of the samples shared so far:





Follow Vogt-Roberts on Twitter, or keep tabs on the #MGSQUARANTINE hashtag, to see new drops as they arrive.


Source: Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Twitter



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