Animal Crossing Fan Turns His Island into Dragon Quest's Tantegel

Check out videos of the player's creation!


As we're all stuck indoors, our priorities have become clear: make the best Animal Crossing island ever. Personalized outfits and venues are getting more and more elaborate—and in one case, a player turned their island into another favorite video game location!


Twitter user @nessinota spent the majority of April and May turning their digital home-away-from-home into a reproduction of Tantegel: the capital of Alefgard featured in the first three Dragon Quest games. The build is a combination of clever remodeling and custom designs. 


Here are a few photos and clips of Inota touring their own little reproduction Tantegel:





Inova also shared a few of the custom designs used to put the island together:



Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been thriving as a source of digital community during lockdown, and this particular island looks like it would be especially fun to party on! Have you given your island an anime or game makeover?





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