Akihabara Town to be Recreated in Virtual Space for Doujinshi Event "ComicVket1"

Based on the 3D city model data provided by Japanese map publisher Zenrin



Tokyo-based company HIKKY will hold a doujinshi event "ComicVket 1" in a virtual reality space between August 13 and 16, 2020. A total of 382 doujinshi circles are scheduled to participate in. During the four-day period, the Akihabara town in Tokyo, often called a Mecca for otaku, will be recreated in a virtual world as "Virtual Akihabara." 


"ComicVket 1"

 Official website: https://www.comic.v-market.work/

 Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComicVket





ComicVket is a virtual doujinshi event where you can buy doujinshi and interact with other attendees while visiting each booth. You can visit it from your smartphone or PC as well as VR devices. The doujinshi works can be purchased by digital downloading or mail order. From April 10 to 12, 2020, the test event "ComicVket 0" was held and attracted a total of 25,000 people. 


"Virtual Akihabara" is recreated based on the 3D city model data provided by Japanese map publisher Zenrin. In the streets of "Virtual Akihabara," 60 restaurants and electronics stores that actually exist in the real Akihabara town will line up in a row, offering shopping coupons to the visitors.



"Virtual Akihabara" image visuals:









Source: HIKKy press release


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