Mass for the Dead: Two Worlds Collide in New KONOSUBA Crossover!

This is the first crossover campaign outside Japan for Mass for the Dead

KONOSUBA x Mass for the Dead

This time, Momonga has to be more careful than ever, because he's facing some very unique problems from another world... again. Okay, they're kind of cute issues, but they're still dangerous. Available as of August 1, Mass for the Dead players can now be cast into another adventure called Blessings on Nazarick, a crossover event with the KONOSUBA series.



During the event, players can collect the 4✩ Konosuba Chaos Relic and there's also a limited summon where you can get the members of Kazuma’s party. A special step-up summon will be held at the event's launch: KONOSUBA! Step-up Summon Vol.1. Reaching the tenth step, you'll get a guaranteed  5✩ [Water Goddess] Aqua character, and every previous step gives special bonuses.


New Limited Chaos Relics

NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Am I Becoming Popular?!

HP 156 (Limit Break MAX: 778)
SPD 47 (Limit Break MAX: 117)
Passive Skill: Aim Raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Explosion Maniac!

ATK 365 (Limit Break MAX: 1819)
Passive Skill: Magic attack power raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: Pleasure That Can't Be Contained

HP 417 (Limit Break MAX: 2085)
DEF 187 (Limit Break MAX: 373)
Passive Skill: Physical and magic defence raised


NEW 4✩ Chaos Relic: To Battle!

HP 247 (Limit Break MAX: 1235)
ATK 195 (Limit Break MAX: 973)
HP 232 (Limit Break MAX: 463)
SPD 24 (Limit Break MAX: 59)
Passive Skill: Attack, Defence, and Speed raised


NEW 5✩ [Water Goddess] Aqua

Type: Technique
Role: Healer

HP 1190 (Limit Break MAX: 5946)
ATK 997 (Limit Break MAX: 4886)
DEF 1205 (Limit Break MAX: 2410)
SPD 126 (Limit Break MAX: 314)

Overdrive: God Blow - Deals light element physical damage to a foe
Character from "God's Blessing On This Wonderful World" is here!
Recover your allies at risk with her skill "Heal"!

NEW 5✩ [Ex-Hiki-NEET Adventurer] Kazuma

Type: Speed
Role: Enhancer

HP 1341 (Limit Break MAX: 6702)
ATK 1045 (Limit Break MAX: 5072)
DEF 1332 (Limit Break MAX: 2663)
SPD 140 (Limit Break MAX: 349)

Overdrive: A • I • M - Deals physical damage to a foe, lowers speed and aim, inflicts paralysis.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Wonderful World" is here!
Grab useful items from enemies with his unique skill "Steal"!

NEW 5✩ [Crusader] Darkness

Type: Heart
Role: Tank

HP 1502 (Limit Break MAX: 7510)
ATK 1006 (Limit Break MAX: 5028)
DEF 1691 (Limit Break MAX: 3381)
SPD 131 (Limit Break MAX: 326)

Overdrive: A Knight Strike - Deals physical damage to a foe.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Wonderful World" is here!
Gather all your enemies' attention to her with her provoke skill "Decoy"!

NEW 5✩ [Explosion Magician] Megumin

Type: Intelligence
Role: Attacker

HP 1183 (Limit Break MAX: 5911)
ATK 1249 (Limit Break MAX: 6063)
DEF 1214 (Limit Break MAX: 2428)
SPD 132 (Limit Break MAX: 328)

Overdrive: Explosion - Deals fire element magic damage to all foes.
Character from "God's Blessing On This Wonderful World" is here!
Sweep away your enemies with her overdrive skill "Explosion"!


NEW Nazarick Festival 3

There's also a new Nazarick Festival 3 starting at the same time, where all of the previous Nazarick Festival characters will be available plus a new unit, with raised drop rate:

NEW 5✩ [Ruler of the Glacier] Cocytus. This shiny version of Cocytus is a Speed type character and his role is Attacker.

HP 1364 (Limit Break MAX: 6819)
ATK 1216 (Limit Break MAX: 6017)
DEF 1336 (Limit Break MAX: 2671)
SPD 143 (Limit Break MAX: 356)

Overdrive: Trilokya Vijaya - Deals wind elemental physical damage to all foes.
Attacker specializing in physical attacks with a normal attack that can target multiple enemies!
Use the multi-target attack skill with a debuff of speed decrease together to take down all your enemies!


Download Mass for the Dead for iOS and Android.

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