Rent-a-Girlfriend Creator and TV Anime Staff Celebrate Ruka's First Appearance

As did the rest of Japan, causing the series to trend in Japan!



The 6th episode of the Rent-a-Girlfriend TV anime aired last night in Japan – and streamed on Crunchyroll around the same time –, marking the first appearance of the third heroine of the series, Ruka Sarashina. This caused the series to trend on Twitter in Japan, rising to the top 10 trends in Japan for the hashtag for the anime, and Ruka herself coming in at 23rd. 








The manga creator of Rent-a-Girlfriend, Reiji Miyajima, along with the character designer and animation director on the TV anime, Kanna Hirayama, celebrated the first appearance of Ruka by illustrating some drawings of her. Miyajima even offered his to a retweet campaign!








Kanna Hirayama released Ruka's dance animation key animation from the opening theme, showing off Ruka's cute style.





Rent-a-Girlfriend airs every Friday in Japan and appears on Crunchyroll not long afterward.


Sources: Reiji Miyajima on Twitter, Kanna Hirayama on Twitter


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