New Pokémon Journeys TV Anime Trailer Brings Some Old and New Legendaries Into Galar's Darkest Day

Could this be the biggest arc in Pokémon anime history?

Pokémon Journeys


Pokémon Journeys has done its best to redefine the formula of the Pokémon anime series and breath some fresh air into the 23-year-old ongoing TV anime program. In what might be one of the biggest shake-ups yet, the newest trailer for Pokémon Journeys previews what just be the biggest arc the entire anime series has seen so far.


There are spoilers in the trailer for the Japanese broadcast of Pokémon Journeys, be warned!



Is that MEWTWO? 


Pokémon Journeys


While the popular generation 1 legendary was teased on the new key visual for the upcoming arc a week ago, it's surreal to see a movie (and OVA) Pokémon mixing in with the TV anime series – and yes, we're aware the film slightly ties into the first anime season. Questions have to be asked, is this the same Mewtwo from the first film (and sequel OVA)? Or is this another, such as the Mewtwo from the 16th anime film? Guess we'll have to watch to find out!




Pokémon Journeys, just titled Pokémon in Japan, will be moving to Friday nights on Tokyo MX starting October 9. The series is released on Netflix in the United States in batches. Currently, there are 24 episodes released in English.


Source: Pokémon on YouTube


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