Sony Goes Deep Inside the PlayStation 5 With Complete Teardown Video

Have you ever seen a heatsink this BIG?

PlayStation 5


Sony today released a complete video teardown of the upcoming (but currently unavailable) PlayStation 5 console, ripping off the side panels, carefully removing the shield, and showing us the raw insides on the next-generation console. While the video doesn't reveal anything new about the console, it reaffirms key details – like removable and interchangeable faceplates!



Two interesting tidbits from the teardown are the dust catchers, which can be vacuumed out, and the storage upgrade option, which looks super easy – all the user has to do is remove the faceplate and screw the NVMe card in the slot. Being said, only PCIe Gen 4 cards will work with the PS5, so you might want to wait to upgrade your gaming storage until those cards lower in price a little. At least they're not proprietary expansion slots...


PlayStation 5

Customize your faceplates with anything – when do the anime-themed plates get released?


The PlayStation 5 is scheduled to be released on November 12 in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, and November 20 in the rest of the world – though good luck getting one this year!


Source: PlayStation on YouTube


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