Get Ready for CHOCOLA 2020, the First Di Gi Charat Artbook in 12 Years

Manga artist Koge-Donbo* releases gorgeous new art of the beloved Broccoli mascots



Broccoli and GAMERS mascot series Di Gi Charat has been getting a well-deserved boost in its anniversary year. Add to the list a brand new art book from manga artist Koge-Donbo*, featuring all your favorite animal-eared characters — the first of its kind in 12 years!


CHOCOLA 2020 will include a mix of classic art from the history of the series, as well as new art of Digiko, Puchiko, and Usada... sorry, Rabi~en~Rose. The cover is also newly drawn:


CHOCOLA 2020 Cover


Take a peek inside at some of the art:


CHOCOLA 2020 sample

CHOCOLA 2020 sample

CHOCOLA 2020 sample

CHOCOLA 2020 sample


Both Broccoli and GAMERS stores will be offereing limited sets for pre-order, including both the book and unique merchandise. GAMERS stores will offer a giclée print and pin featuring new art of DUP:


DUP giclée print

DUP pin


Meanwhile, Broccoli stores offer a pair of B2 tapestries:


DUP Wall Scroll

Black Gema Gema Gang Wall Scroll


Fans who pre-order the book and merch set will get a limited-edition "Future Great Actress Di Gi Charat" card for Broccoli and Nippon Ichi Software's Z/X trading card game:


Z/X Card: Future Great Actress Di Gi Charat


Pre-orders close November 2, and the book will be released on December 24.


Di Gi Charat premiered as a Broccoli and GAMERS mascot character in 1998, and went on to star in her own OVA, multiple anime series, games, and more.


>> Di Gi Charat 20th Anniversary Website


Source: Comic Natalie


Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos


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