Beach Boys Sing and Dance in WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!! OP Animation

Three-part film based on MAGES. mixed media project is currently playing in Japanese theaters

Three surfers flash the shaka sign in a scene from the opening animation for the WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!! three-part theatrical anime film.


The first part of WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!!, a three-part anime theatrical film based on the surfing-themed mixed media project by MAGES., is currently playing in Japanese cinemas, and now fans of hanging ten can catch the opening animation on Youtube. The video (below) features the song "Densetsu no Surfing Prince" ("Legendary Surfing Prince"), which is performed in-character by the cast.



The story of WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!! is set off the coast of Oarai in Ibaraki Prefecture, where large waves break all year round, making the area an ideal spot for surfing. Local boy Masaki Hinaoka meets a prince-like transfer student who introduces him to the charms of riding the waves, and a story about boys who become obsessed with surfing results.


A key visual for the upcoming WAVE!! anime theatrical film, featuring the main character, Masaki Hinaoka, standing at the edge of a lapping surf with his shoes in one hand and his surfboard in the other.


WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!! is directed by Takaharu Ozaki and features animation producion by Asahi Production. WAVE!! Surfing Yappe!! is currently receiving a limited theatrical screening at 13 theatres in Japan (including the Shinjuku Wald 9 in Tokyo). The first part was released on October 2nd, the second part will be released on October 16th, and the third part will be released on October 30th.


Source: MoCa


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