Mysterious Cartoon Band INNOSENT in FORMAL Releases Ikebukuro West Gate Park New ED Song MV

The four-member band will make their major debut on December 16



In its fourth episode aired in Japan last night, the fall 2020 TV anime Ikebukuro West Gate Park started using another ED theme song "Omoumama" (As One Wishes) performed by INNOSENT in FORMA. The song was released digitally at the same time, and a four-and-half minute 3DCG anime music video was also posted on YouTube.


The four-member rock band started their activities in November 2017. They are also called "a cartoon band" because they have basically used animation and computer graphics in their artist photos and music videos. One of their latest song "No.1" was used in a teaser PV for the TV anime Ikebukuro West Gate Park, then another new song "after song" was used as the ED theme for the anime's first to third episodes. Both "after song" and "Omoumama" will be used in future episodes.


Their major debut mini-album "INNOSENT 2~How to spend the night~" is set to be released from Nippon Columbia on December 16, 2020. The eight-song album will include all three songs for the anime - "No.1," "after song," and "Omoumama."



"Omoumama" music video:



"No.1" music video:



"INNOSENT 2~How to spend the night~" CD jacket illustration drawn by 21-year-old manga artist JUN INAGAWA:



Source: Nippon Columbis press release


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