Homer Goes Full Anime in The Simpsons' Latest Treehouse of Horror

Into the Homer-Verse introduces anime Homer, mecha Burns, and more

Treehouse of Horror


If there's one thing you can count on each year, it's for The Simpsons to swing big and throw everything at the wall to see what sticks in the annual Treehouse of Horror Halloween specials. They may not always nail it, but the spirit remains, and this year's episode was tinged with anime thanks to a segment titled "Into the Homer-Verse."


As the name implies, this one offers up a riff on Into the Spider-Verse, only this time it's a bunch of Homers from different dimensions colliding to wreak havoc after Homer puts a strange machine in the nuclear power plant to use. The Homer invasion that results includes the likes of Hanna-Barbera Homer, Noir Homer, Disney Princess Homer, and, of course, anime Homer.


Here's a quick taste of Treehouse of Horror XXXI for those who missed it: 



Naturally, Homer ended up having to face off against a multiverse of Mr. Burns, from Maleficent Burns to Mecha Burns and Bowser Burns. 



This ultimately built up to the anime-style showdown of the century: 



This isn't the only time The Simpsons has gone anime. There are plenty of references packed into just a few seconds of this clip from Treehouse of Horror XXV, which aired in 2014. 





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