AnimeLog Youtube Channel Launches Overseas Distribution

Officially licensed international streams include "Jungle Emperor Leo", "Fantastic Children", and more

Anne enjoys climbing a tree in a scene from the first episode of Konnichiwa Anne Before Green Gables, which is currently streaming on the AnimeLog international Youtube channel.


AnimeLog, a Youtube channel devoted to streaming official licensed anime content, has begun free international distribution with a slate of six titles with more on the way. The titles currently on offer include episodes of New Jungle Emperor Leo, FANTASTIC CHILDREN, Konnichiwa Anne Before Green Gables, The World of GOLDEN EGGS, Hungry Heart WILD STRIKER, and AWARE! Meisakukunn.


AnimeLog features licensing agreements with media companies such as Kodansha, Toei Animation, and Shin Ei Animation. The channel launched in Japan on August 07, 2020, and features some 289,000 subscribers, approximately half of which are international anime fans. The channel currently plans to distribute more than 100 anime titles within the next year.


Source: Anime! Anime!


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