Heaven's Design Team Shares Fruits of Science Museum Collab

Materials from the TV anime team-up with the National Museum of Nature and Science are available for a limited time

An overworked Unabara (dressed in a striped prisoner's outfit) successfully fulfils a divine order for a striped animal by inventing the giant panda while Ueda laughs delightedly and congratulates him when the approval comes in during a scene from the Heaven's Design Team TV anime.


The popular and educational manga / TV anime Heaven's Design Team (known as Tenchisozo Design Bu in Japan) has been collaborating with the National Museum of Nature and Science in Tokyo since December of 2020, but now for a limited time the general public can check out some of the audio and visual materials developed for the collaboration on a special web-site.



The special website includes audio files featuring the cast of Heaven's Design Team acting in-character as guides to various museum exhibits as well as downloadable image files for the collaboration's guide book, special one-shot manga, and a poster. (Please note that these images are for personal use only and are not supposed to be reposted without permission.)


The special website for the collaboration between Heaven's Design Team and the National Museum of Nature and Science will be available to the public until March 31, 2021, so be sure to check it out while you have the chance.




Comic Natalie

Copyright notice: © Hebizou & Tsuta Suzuki・Tarako・Kodansha / Heaven's Design Team Production Committee


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