VA Unit Earphones Member Marika Kohno Releases Her Solo Singer Debut Single MV

"I put everything I've been through in my life as a voice actress into this first single."



As reported, Marika Kohno, a member of the three-member voice actress unit Earphones, released her solo debut single "Yume mitai, demo Yume jyanai" (Looks like a dream, but it's not a dream) from Nippon Columbia on February 24, 2021. At the same time, a three-and-half minute full music video for the song was posted on her  official YouTube channel.


As a message to her fans, she says on Twitter, "I put everything I've been through in my life as a voice actress into this first single. I hope that you'll take it as my first business card and that we can continue to have fun together at live performances and other events, so please support me!"


Kohno's well-known anime characters include Rin Kohana in Seiyu's Life! (2015), Hanabi Tenka in Scorching Ping Pong Girls (2016), Yumina Urnea Belfast in In Another World With My Smartphone (2017), Silence Suzuka in Uma Musume Pretty Derby (2018), and Scarlett Gosling in No Guns Life (2019). She is currently playing Miya in By the Grace of the Gods, Nene in Mewkle Dreamy, and Mimi Tachikawa in Digimon Adventure:



"Yume mitai, demo Yume jyanai" full MV:





First press limited edition CD jacket:



Standard edition:



Artist photo:




Source: Marika Kohno official YouTube channel, Nippon Columbia press release




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