Six Good Boys and Girls Join the Cast of Uramichi Oniisan TV Anime

OP theme song performers revealed for upcoming adaptation of dark comedy manga by Gaku Kuze

A banner image made from the main key visual for the Uramichi Oniisan TV anime, featuring the main character Uramichi Omota and the two mascot characters, Usaokun and Kumaokun.


All you good little children out there are sure to have a good time today, because six new cast members and the opening theme song performers have been revealed for Uramichi Oniisan, an upcoming TV anime based on the dark comedy manga by Gaku Kuze about a children's TV host who can't help but let his grim and pessimistic personality slip through on air. The new cast members include:


  • Shin-ichiro Miki as Yusao Hirode.
  • Kenyu Horiuchi as Tekito Derekida.
  • Natsuki Hanae as Eddy Edei.
  • Minami Takahashi as Kayo Ennoshita.
  • Rina Sato as Ikuko Heame.
  • And Kazuya Nakai as Furitsuke Capellini.


The opening theme for Uramichi Oniisan is performed in character by Iketeru Daga (CV: Mamoru Miyano) and Utano Tadano (CV: Nana Mizuki).



The Uramichi Oniisan manga is serialized in Ichijinsha's comic POOL digital magazine, and an English language version is also published by Kodansha Comics under the title Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan. Kodansha Comics describes the story of the series as follows:


How did the cynical Uramichi end up hosting a TV show for small children? And how long is the studio going to let him keep teaching the kids the sorrow and exhaustion of life instead of, say, the ABCs?


A new key visual for the upcoming Uramichi Oniisan TV anime, featuring the main character, Uramichi Omota, and the rest of the "Maman to Together" children's TV program crew dressed in their colorful costumes.


The Uramichi Oniisan TV anime is directed by Nobuyoshi Nagayama and features animation production by Studio Blanc.. The series is scheduled to broadcast in Japan beginning in July of 2021.






Copyright notice: © Gaku Kuze・Ichijinsha / "Uramichi Oniisan" Production Committee 


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