Gyoko no Nikuko-chan Anime Film Releases Theme Song Music Video Sung by 10-Year-Old Kurumi Inagaki

The anime film is scheduled to be released in Japan on June 11

Gyoko no Nikuko-chan


A full "movie version" music video for the song "Image no Uta", sung by 10-year-old Kurumi Inagaki as the theme song to upcoming anime film Gyoko no Nikuko-chan, was released today, featuring more animation from the film alongside the first time hearing the full track.



The song is a cover of Takuro Yoshida's "Image no Uta" and is produced by band GReeeeN, who is singing the ending theme for the film "Taketen." "Image no Uta" was the debut single for Takuro Yoshida and is said to be a favorite of Gyoko no Nikuko-chan anime film producer Sanma Akashiya, who contacted Yoshida for permission for use of the song as well as permission to change the lyrics. Though instead of changing the lyrics, Sanma decided to let a 10-year-old sing the theme, changing the meaning instead.


Gyoko no Nikuko-chan


Children of the Sea anime film director Ayumu Watanabe directs Gyoko no Nikuko-chan with fellow Children of the Sea character designer and chief animation director Kenichi Konishi at STUDIO 4℃. Satomi Oshima adapting the novel into a screenplay. Comedian and talent Sanma Akashiya is producing the film for a planned June 11 release.


Source: Comic Natalie


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