Swords Slash and Heads Roll in Peach Boy Riverside TV Anime Trailer

Adaptation that re-imagines the folk legends of Momotaro hits Tokyo MX and BS NTV on July 01, 2021

Mikoto overflows with bloodlust as he prepares to kill oni in a scene from the upcoming Peach Boy Riverside TV anime.


Oni better watch their backs, because a new trailer that previews the mayhem to come has been released for Peach Boy Riverside, an upcoming TV anime based on the manga written by coolkyousinnjya (Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid) and illustrated by Johanne that re-imagines the stories of the folk hero Momotaro as a violent fantasy road trip.


The preview video (below) highlights the main characters of the series and features the song "Dark spiral journey", the opening theme for Peah Boy Riverside, which is performed by Q-MHz feat. Yuko Suzuhana.



The original Peach Boy Riverside manga is serialized in Kodansha's Shonen Magazine R magazine and on the Magazine Pocket app. An English language version is also available from Kodansha Comics, who describe the story of the series as follows:


Saltherine Aldarake, princess of the Kingdom of Aldarake, dreams of traveling the world—a dangerous dream in a land where monsters roam the countryside as they please, and humans live behind high, strong walls. But when a chance meeting with traveler Mikoto gives hope to her dream, he shatters it soon after, as he reveals himself to be none other than Momotaro, ruthless demon-slayer. Though horrified by the gore Momotaro leaves behind, Saltherine is convinced more than ever that she needs to learn about the world beyond her walls, and journeys out...following the steps of the mysterious, charismatic, terrifying boy she met that day...


A new key visual for the upcoming Peach Boy Riverside TV anime, featuring the main cast of characters assembled and ready for action.


The Peach Boy Riverside TV anime is directed by Shigeru Ueda and features animation production by Asahi Production. The series will broadcast in Japan on TOKYO MX, BS NTV, and AT-X beginning on July 01, 2021, with an additional broadcast to follow on J:TV beginning on July 07, 2021.




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Copyright notice: © coolkyousinnjya・Johanne / Kodansha / "Peach Boy Riverside" Production Committee


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