Do It Yourself!! TV Anime Reveals New Character Visual

Upcoming original TV anime about the joys of handicrafts is set in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture

A character setting of Takumi Hikage, a petite girl with glasses, green eyes, and a braided ponytail who wears a sailor fuku school uniform, from the upcoming Do It Yourself!! TV anime.


A new key visual (below) and character setting (above) have been revealed for Do It Yourself!!, an upcoming original TV anime that is set in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan and that follows a group of girls in a high school handicrafts club. The visuals feature Takumi Hikage, aka "Takumi".


Takumi is a quiet and retiring girl who often flubs the timing even when she has something to say. Although she isn't terribly passionate about handicrafts, she joined the DIY Club at Self's request. Takumi is good at work that requires repetition and extended, intense concentration, such as pasting small tiles in place or sanding, and she works in silence with great dedication.


A key visual for the upcoming Do It Yourself!! TV anime featuring Takumi Hikage, a petite girl dressed in a sailor fuku school uniform who is using a jigsaw to cut various shapes out of a block of wood.


Do It Yourself!! is directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda and features animation production by PINE JAM. Additional details about the series (such as the cast and the release date) have not yet been revealed.




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