Check Out "Deji" Meets Girl Theme Song Sung by 16-year-old Aoi Kubo

"I expressed my own interpretation of the overall world view of the anime."



The official YouTube for 16-year-old singer Aoi Kubo has posted a lyric video for her new song "Otogibanashi no youna Kiseki" (A Miracle like A Fairy Tale), which will be featured as the theme song for the forthcoming original short TV anime "Deji" Meets Girl.


Also today, her new digital EP including three songs: "Otogibanashi no youna Kiseki," "Dare mo Shiranai Kokoro no Monogatai" (The Story of My Heart that Nobody Knows) and "Sukoshi Taukarechattana" (I'm getting a little tired) is released. The other two songs were inspired by the main characters in the anime, Maise Higa and Ichiro Suzuki. Akane Marubeni, the anime's original character designer, drew the jacket illustration for the EP.


Aoi Kubo says, "I've been wanting to sing a theme song for an anime for a long time, and I was very surprised when I got this offer! This anime is a fantasy, and the mysterious world in the story is very interesting, so I really hope that many people will watch it. I'd also be very happy if you could listen to each song that I created while comparing them to the story!"


When she was asked about her thoughts on the songs, "I was asked to write the theme song for this anime, and I created the songs by getting into its world view. I expressed my own interpretation of the overall world view of the anime with 'Otogibanashi no youna Kiseki.' I also created two inspirational songs, 'Dare mo Shiranai Kokoro no Monogatari' and 'Sukoshi Tsukarechattana,' while wondering what kind of feelings and thoughts exist deep inside the hearts of the main characters, Maise Higa and Ichiro Suzuki."



"Otogibanashi no Youna Kiseki" lyric video:



Digital jacket:



The 90-second short anime will premiere on the 28 stations of the MBS/TBS network's "Super Animeism" programing block on October 1, 2021. Its story follows the events of a mysterious summer, suddenly caused by the encounter between a first-year high school student, Maise Higa, who helps out at her family's hotel in Naha-city, Okinawa, and a mysterious young man, Ichiro Suzuki (?), who comes from the mainland as a guest.



2nd PV:



Key visual:



Sources: Aoi Kubo official YouTube channel, BARKS


© Naminoue Young Persons' Association / "Deji" Meets Girl Production Committee


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