Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls Blasts Off in Japanese Theaters in 2022

Six part OAV series from the director of Den-Noh Coil receives limited screening in January and February

A young boy in a space suit discovers that their space station's communications are offline in a scene from the upcoming Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls OAVs.


Announced way back in 2018, a new teaser trailer, a new key visual, and the Japanese theatrical window have all been revealed for Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls (known in Japan as Chikyuugai Shounen Shoujo), a 6-part science fiction original animation video series from the director of Den-noh Coil.


Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls is set in 2045, when the Internet, artificial intelligence, and space travel are commonplace. After a great disaster strikes the Japanese commercial space station "Anshin", a group of young people are left behind, stranded on the space station with only social media networks and smart-phone operated drones at their disposal. Will they be able to survive the crisis?


A key visual for the upcoming Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls OAV series, featuring the main cast of teenages floating in a micro-gravity environment in side their space-station.


Extra-Terrestrial Boys & Girls is directed by Mitsuo Iso and features animation production by Production +h.. The series consists of six OAVs total. Episode 1 - 3 will receive a limited, two-week theatrical screening in Japan beginning on January 28, 2022, while episodes 4 - 6 will receive a limited, two-week theatrical screening in Japan beginning on February 11, 2022. The series will also be released in Japan on Blu-ray and DVD during the same time period.




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Copyright notice: © MITSUO ISO/avex pictures・Extra-terrestrial Boys & Girls Production Committee


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