Pikachu is the Pika-Picture of Excess as $25,000 Baccarat Crystal

Japanese artist Hiroshi Fujiwara handled the design for this pricey piece

Pikachu x Baccarat


Pokémon has been celebrating its 25th anniversary in many ways, but none are quite as bank-busting as the series's collaboration with Baccarat. The results are a "Pikachu Fragment" crystal, based on a design by pioneering streetwear designer Hiroshi Fujiwara and priced at a cold as ice $25,000. 


Fujiwara currently heads up Fragment Design, which has partnered with Baccarat on past projects, including red crystal and clear crystal [email protected] The former was $1,800 and the latter was $1,500, so while still expensive, they didn't come close to the price tag on Pikachu.  


Check out a promotional video for the Baccarat x Pokémon collab and a few more photos below.



The piece is 11.8 inches tall, 5.7 inches wide, and weighs 18.3 pounds. 



If $25k is too much for a crystal, 'chu can also get Pikachu and Pokéball decorations for about $400 a pop. If you're not slow-blinking about any of this, I might have to hit you with my Venmo details.  



Via Kotaku




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