Mr. Osomatsu Live-action Film Releases Takahiro Sakurai-narrated Teaser Trailer

Hikaru Takahashi, Yasuyuki Maekawa, Hiyori Sakurada newly join the cast



The official website for the forthcoming live-action film adaptation of the Osomatsu-san / Mr. Osomatsu anime series has posted a 30-second teaser trailer to introduce its nine characters played by the members of Johnny & Associates' male idol group Snow Man. The clip is narrated by none other than vocie actor Takahiro Sakurai, who played Osomatsu Matsuno in the anime. In addition to the familiar sextuplet Matsuno brothers, the clip also introduces the film's three original characters - End, Close, and Period.





Also, three additional cast members are announced - Hikaru Takahashi is cast as the main heroine Totoko, the idol of the Matsuno brothers, Yasuyuki Maekawa as Iyami, the sarcastic man who is loved by all of Japan, and Hiyori Sakurada as Hatabo, whose love for oden is second to none.


Takahashi says, "I had been so excited from the moment I was chosen to be in the film. There was a lot of pressure because this is a live-action adaptation, and I was worried about how it was going to be adapted, but I felt like I was going to give it my all with my co-stars." Check out the photo below to see how they dress up as their characters!





The Tsutomu Hanabusa (Kakegurui, Tokyo Revengers live-action films)-directed film is set to be released in Japan on March 25, 2022.



Main cast:


  • Osomatsu Matsuno: Koji Mukai (27)
  • Karamatsu Matsuno: Hikaru Iwamoto (28)
  • Choromatsu Matsuno: Ren Meguro (24)
  • Ichimatsu Matsuno: Tatsuya Fukazawa (29)
  • Jyushimatsu Matsuno: Daisuke Sakuma (29)
  • Todomatsu Matsuno: Raul (18)
  • End (the film's original character): Shota Watanabe (28)
  • Close (original character): Ryohei Abe (27)
  • Period (original character): Ryota Miyadate (28)
  • Totoko: Hikaru Takahashi (20)
  • Iyami: Yasuyuki Maekawa (47)
  • Hatabo: Hiyori Sakurasa (18)



Teaser visual:




All three seasons of the Mr. Osomatsu TV anime and the feature film Mr. Osomatsu THE MOVIE are available on Crunchyroll.  





Source: "Mr. Osomatsu" live-action film official website / Twitter


©Eiga "Osomatsu-san" Production Committee 2022

©Fujio Akatsuka/Mr. Osomatsu Project


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