You'll Lose Your Head Over How Cute These SMOL Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures Are

Hold the power of Evangelion 13 in the palm of your hand

Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures


Megahouse's Rukappu line of palm-sized figures is back again, this time heading past the Near Third Impact and bringing forth a combination of Evangelion's Shinji and Kaworu in the cutest figure set (probably) ever released. The pair will be sold together as a set to make sure Shinji has a friend in Kaworu with him wherever he goes.


Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures


Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures


Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures


Shinji and Kaworu Rukappu Figures


Both Rukappu figures of Shinji and Kaworu come in at 11 cm tall each with a posable head (not detachable!) to look up at you from whatever angle you're in – or choose to be in. Together they're priced at 6,996 yen (US$54.69) and are up for pre-order right now through the online Evangelion shop for an expected late-October release. The pre-ordered EVA pilots also come with a cushion for their wee bottoms as a limited-time offer.


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Source: Comic Natalie


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