Blood Lad

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    It’s a really unique show
    I’m glad it came to the UK Crunchyroll, since it was initially only available on Netflix before July 2020. The show is really nice and the main character isn’t a simp. Has a really good pace. Only negative thing I’ll say about this show is that it’s a bit too short and honestly it would have been nice for them to do a season 2 but we all know that’s never gonna happen. Would recommend to anyone ...
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  • What. Happened. To. The. Ending.
    I have one question about this show. Where. Is. The. Ending?
    It's not there. What the heck... where is it? I literally don't understand what happened. It's like an episode got cut in half. I'm so confused.

    The rest of the series is, at best, okay. I suppose the main character is interesting to some extent., but we move so quickly from place to place you barely have time to remember character's ...
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