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    Answers to your questions.
    Normally, I like to take time when I write my reviews of a show. Following a strict set of guidelines based on art, storyline and character development. However; for this anime, I'll skip all the formalities.

    A question that will haunt quite a few people, from the title image, and "harem" genre is whether or not this is safe for work. No, it is not safe for work. There is quite a bit of ...
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  • Offensively average.
    I don't normally feel compelled to write reviews, but in this case due to the unusual (considering the genre) number of highly rated written reviews on MAL/CR I will to maybe save anyone else like me some time.

    If you're just looking for a standard harem show it's serviceable, but if you come in with high expectations you'll most likely be disappointed as neither the fanservice nor the ...
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  • Campione- an excellent series
    I enjoyed this show so much that I searched around to find as many of the light novels translated to English that I could and read all 18 of them several times. I also watched the and me 8 times and my son has also watched the series three times.
    The anime is an amalgam of the first 5 novels reorganised into an easier to follow show with a different ending but it is excellent entertainment. I ...
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    Terrible anime! Waste of time
    This anime is all over the place. Tries to cover a crap story with some senseless fan service. Just bad, really really bad. He's supposed to be able to use 12 special powers, uses a couple of them repeatedly over 13 episodes, mentions some conditions that could be used to make this show smart, but nah they just keep it dumb
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