Chaika –The Coffin Princess-

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  • A mostly forgettable tale of scifi and magic
    A fun and likeable cast of characters and an interesting world of technology and magic slapped on to a rather ho-hum, barebones main plot that'd be more at home in a metroidvania game. A shame really since there's stuff in here that could have made it something more.

    The show never really bothers explaining stuff like why Chaika(s) wear gosurori outfits or the Gundos. Everything reeks of a ...
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  • One of the best in my opinion
    I think the title says it all. Plot twists, romance, magic, epic quests clones and a equal look at the 'bad' guys! This series is AMAZING!!!!!

    Words cannot describe Chaika's Moe loveableness nor the beautiful prologue scene at the end of series 2.
    JUST WATCH IT ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Chaika is an excellent high quality anime throughout
    I was originally slightly put off screenshots of chaika on my queue, but now in love with the whole series and delighted that season 2 is soon to come.

    the story is original, the characters are well developed, the animation is flawless, total treat!
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  • 2 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Chaika Coffin Princess
    As a girl, no matter what, I have a soft spot for girly anime. However I still love an anime full of action. Chaika - The Coffin Princess is a perfect example of both genres intertwined into one.
    With the sweet, innocent Princess Chaika and fierce Saboteurs Akari and Toru there is always action that keeps me on my seat in EVERY episode.
    I loved the Chaika plot twist {SPOILER ALERT LOOK AWAY NOW} ...
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  • 3 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    [All episodes spoiler-free review] A great fantasy adventure. Expect enjoyable subplots, mystery, world-building, characters and action.
    While some may not like it's mostly episodic nature, I thought Chaika was a treat to watch every week. It follows a softly, erratically spoken girl about whom little is known, and two 'saboteurs' (basically stealthy assassins) whom she has hired to help on a mission that's hard to describe, but which basically involves operating against all of the power-figures who won the war against the ...
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