Chi's Sweet Home - Chi's New Address

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    So cute, you could die O_o
    Chi's sweet home is funny and cute, you get to see the daily routine of a cat. Chi is very like an actual cat, I know because all three of my cats were and are like that even now that they are grow up. Even though they are only a few minutes long they satisfy any viewer enough for them to watch the next episode, it would be great if they were longer but then again there wouldn't be as many to ...
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    This is the weirdest thing ever XD
    Short and sweet review:

    I saw the thumbnail and laughed, then watching the anime made me laugh even more.
    I don't question what I'm watching, I just let it take me wherever it's going, and every time I laugh and enjoy myself.

    Wouldn't call this amazing, but it's definitely an easy to watch series when you just want nonsense to watch.
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  • Little Kitty Being Cute
    Adorable short show, great for small kids. Not much in the way of plot, though there are reoccurring characters and little "I remember you" moments now and then.

    This show won't redefine your life [outside of possibly buying everything with Chi's face on it] it doesn't ask big thought provoking questions, and the animation while cute is basic.

    If you have five minutes and you just want a ...
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  • A True Masterpiece And A Classic
    Out of all the anime involving cats being found and adopted by a family this is by far the best out of all of them (even though it is a pretty niche genre.) With wonderfully written arcs such as Chi does not understand things and Chi goes on a walk, it's no wonder that Chi has amassed such a cult following. You may be wondering "Whats all the fuss about? This is just some dumb anime about a dumb ...
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