Cowboy Bebop

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    a masterpiece! Complete in every way
    The story is set in a space western setting - a genre and setting I'm loving more and more for each show I watch that falls under the genre. We follow two bounty hunters, Spike and Jet, who own a ship called the Bebop. They travel the Solar system, chasing wanted criminals to earn money. Along the way, they also pick up two women; the debt-laden Faye Valentine and the playful kid and computer ...
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  • Damn wow nice one this is epic
    wow very good start to finish good times and good animation spike has nice eyes wow handsome i thought ed was a boy for 3 episodes great anime my favorite great themes and story just fantastic all around feye is peng and jet is beast ein is cute why do reviews have to be so long damn i hate anime exept this one thats why its special to me
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  • Please buy the licenses
    I been looking for animes for a while.. i have a very large list of animes i cannot watch because CR doesn´t have the licenses.. im premium and im paying for this, please buy more animes :(
    I need to get more characters so i wll write this lol

    (Im from Chile)
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