Dai-Shogun - Great Revolution

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  • [All episodes spoiler-free review] Garbage.
    Here is a show that overall, really doesn't possess any qualities of its own vis à vis other anime. Why did I watch it? Because I wanted to give it a proper chance and see if all the 1-star reviews were really warranted. Moreover, the first two episodes were funny, and the 6th and 9th seemed to hint at some kind of potential with regards to action and plot. Basically, there was a bare minimum of ...
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  • Thought it'd be good, turned out to be bad.
    Pretty much just a giant harem builder the entire way through with a boy trying to get stronger. Pretty much fails at each try, this is then turned into a lesson for him, but somehow the story progresses. Really disappointing end too. for comedy reasons may be worth a watch but if you are expecting any kind of decent storyline then prepare for disappointment!
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