Fist of the North Star

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  • What do I think about this anime? IT FREAKING RULES
    I am obsess with this anime! The storyline is interesting . It gets pretty enjoyable every time you watch it.
    This is about the violence and evil taking over. There isn't a law. The weak ones gets pulverize and killed for food and water by the bad guys. But when Kenshiro is around it won't happend because he will help them no matter what. He is one man against all bad guys.
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  • The Best Anime series bar none!!!
    King of Weevils thanks you for reading.

    FIST OF THE NORTH STAR is by far the best Anime series to ever exist! There isn't much else to say on this matter. The story is ultra fascinating and the absolute excessive power of the protagonist and plethora of antagonists is truly awesome and will forever be talked about in the annals of time.

    I will always love this series because I'm not insane. x
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