Gakuen Handsome

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    MASTERPIECE! Best of this season.
    There's alot to say about this show, the intriguing animation and marvelous character development isn't something you can say no to.
    Gakuen Handsome is a wonderful series which is hugely underrated in this season of anime. Whether you're into shounen ai or not, it will certainly capture your heart!
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  • da Vinci's lost masterpiece
    This show is truly a work of art, you need an IQ of at least 180 to understand the subtleties and nuances involved.

    The character designs bring a tear to my eye. The animation is next level. I love the countless hours put into the shading of the hair.

    Only bad thing is the backgrounds are too detailed for my liking and detract from the main themes that the show tries to explore.
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  • Satire at its finest
    Gakuen Handsome is a satire on the BL genre, complete with faceless main character, cliche settings, and your classic character tropes like tsundere delinquent and childhood best friend.
    The episodes are 3 minutes, the animation is hilariously bad on purpose, and the comedy is golden - give yourself an hour to watch it, you can't lose.
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