God Eater

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  • 7 out of 9 people found this review helpful:
    Love it, I want more of it!
    The arrival of the Aragami and the Creation of the "God Eater" unit is somewhat reminiscent of "Blue Gender" I can't wait to see what more is to come of this series. Where did the Aragami come from and like series before them, are they actually a man made experiment gone wrong?
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  • 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful:
    God eater? Love this show!
    Love it every bit of this series, brings back the memories when I was playing it on the Psp with my friends :)

    Sure it can be slow with the conversation but it makes up for the good opening, the music and even the monsters along with the smashing battles.

    I can't wait for the game to come out less then 3 weeks on PS4
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  • Big swords crazy weapons and lost of monsters!
    Pro: Great story, Great voice acting much better than the game, likeable characters

    con: Unlikely season 2, lacked some character development and I feel one scene may haunt me for a while!

    all in all i enjoyed more than i expected! this it isn't the best but could be improved if it ever gets a season 2
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  • 1 out of 2 people found this review helpful:
    Don't be sucked in by BIG bad weapons!
    King of Weevils thanks you for reading.

    As the title suggests, don't be sucked in by the suggested big weapon carnage. Although a Ufotable production (Demon Slayer) God Eater lacks in most departments especially the Massive weapon destruction category. Characters are quite annoying and the plot is weak.

    Kindest regards
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  • Some of the most stunning animation in a series..
    I had no idea there was an anime counterpart to the God Eater games but I'm glad I found it.

    The animation here is great and it has a very mature way of portraying its world and characters. While it's really short at only 13 episodes those 13 are well spent and not a single moment is wasted.

    I love the two God Eater games (And am crazy excited for the third) but I honestly enjoyed the ...
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  • Give a chance to god eater and lets hope for season 2
    The anime is good and is well worth a watch, it starts off a little bit slow to draw you in. but I can happily say its well worth the stay.

    if you like action animes with a side of drama and well place flashes backs into the past then you should really give this a try, its well worth the watch.
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  • God eater ~ was it worth the time?
    God eater was based on a video game. I really want expecting too good of a plot but it was OK and they left a few unanswered questions in the end to leave us wanting more. i plan on acquiring the games and plying them for more background knowledge. besides some lack of side character development, the anime seems quite enjoyable with the constant fighting.
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  • Love it, crave more!
    It's so fast paced you get into it really quickly and it doesn't have any awkward romance that makes you want to face-palm yourself. There's a decent amount of cliff-hangers to have you at the edge of your seat and a good plot to hold the show together.
    I'm left craving more and can't wait to see if they create another season XD
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  • Refreshing apocalyptic setting with original characters
    Interesting characters, fresh spin on the apocalyptic genre, no dumb drama/romance which is rare in anime like this, just a great series. The story really isn't predictable and most of the time you think you might know what's going on but you don't. Especially the reveal in the last episode surprised me, did not see that coming at all. Hoping for a season 2!
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  • 4 out of 8 people found this review helpful:
    God Eater: Hungry For More
    God Eater is like Attack On Titian Mixed with Bleach and put together in my opinion to create the most awesome anime ever. The art of the show is really well done and the story to all the characters are great and very gripping. In a way it is also like Sword Art Online with the different variation of weapons attacks and thought. In short, Its like all the most popular anime all in one to create ...
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