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    Totally rewatchable and amazing
    I've seen this anime a while ago when it wasn't finished yet. I adored it and now watching it for the second time , I realised that now I can pay attention to details that I didn't see before. It plays with your mind and it makes you think/worry/hope for the characters. I adored it and honestly it is in my top fav animes
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  • It's over, really over!
    OMG! What a great anime. The last show tied up the lose ends and let us see ( a little bit) what his friends look like and how they are doing. After episode 11 I was not sure what was going to happen. There is a lot of questions left. Like how did he get out of the car? Now I will have to find the manga and fill in the blank spaces. But', that's what a anime should do. Get you to buy the manga. ...
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