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    GTO - Fist Bump Bro!
    I watched the '98 series, and never knew the rebooted it. I am so glad they did cause no I can show it to my wife and my son, who both love it.

    My son especially likes the opening when Onizuka fist bumps the class. He will try to fist bump Oni and then us. It's friggin' cute.

    I love the morals in the episodes and how the show is even more relevant in this age of disenfranchised youth.
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  • A fantastic upbeat gritty j-drama!
    Definitely the most entertaining show i have watched ina while, the adaptation/reboot was absolutely fantastic and having akira play onizuka was just perfect, there really are some valuable lessons to be learned from watching this show and it has a wonderful message to get across in each and every episode.

    you are genuinely missing out if you do not give both seasons a try! loved GTO 2012 the ...
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