Gugure! Kokkuri-san

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    Lighthearted, vibrant, and funny.. You'll love it!!
    It's lighthearted, vibrant, and cute... Has it own sense of humour you'll start to love, and will probably find yourself ending up watching it with cup ramen ^_^
    Kohina's emotionless gags are real funny
    Watched the until the latest (5th episode) so this show's got loads more to offer!
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  • Great anime, definitely worth a go!
    Gugure! Kokkuri-san is a great comedy with a good amount of uniqueness to it! The story is about a living doll named Kohina, that keeps on ending up attracting various things that you'd see from Japanese mythology. The first of them is Kokkuri, who instead of making a temporary visit, decides to do the right thing and stay in hopes of making Kohina's life better. Everyone else is there to be a ...
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  • Kokkuri san Kokkuri San Please Make More
    Very cute and very Funny 12 episode anime about a girl who claims she is a living doll and is obsessed with cup noodles. She summons Kokkuri san (a Fox spirit) who sees her lifestyle and decides to take care of her.

    This starts her random adventures getting haunted by a variety of animal spirits. She gets haunted by Inugami (A dog spirit) who is obsessed with her and can switch genders at will ...
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  • Ridiculously cute and funny
    What an adorable anime! The characters are all far out and the humour is non-stop - ranging from dry and sarcastic to cute pervy. A little girl who acts doll-like and emotionless attracts some bizarre characters to her side. Light-hearted and good for some giggles, this show never fails to make me crack a smile. Though it's surely not for everyone, I'd recommend this show to anyone looking for a ...
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