Jingai-san no Yome

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    Worth watching for sure!
    I was disappointed in the beginning because I didn't realise it was one of those three minute animes. However, the more I watched the cuter it all became.
    This is an anime I'd recommend watching when all episodes are out. If ya want something real cute, then this is it! Don't be pushed away by the low ratings, that's mostly because of the length!
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  • Weird and cute - definitely worth watching!
    One of the most bizarre shows I've ever watched! I found it strangely cute. At first I thought I wasn't going to like it but with every new episodes I found myself enjoying it more and more. Now I really wish it were longer and I hope it gets another season (I doubt it will but you know...).
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  • Maybe not for everyone, but really cute
    Always thought the art looked really cute but never gave it a chance because of the low rating and the odd premise. I’m so glad I finally did! The episodes are super short, I watched all of them in one sitting and was left wanting more. I do think they could have set this up in a less awkward way than making the creatures and their wives husband and wife or at least keep the romance to a minimum ...
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