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  • Kaiji, A Tense and Thrilling Series
    Kaiji is a series I simply couldn't stop once I begun watching it, the extent of which the gambles within this show go is unrivalled and keeps the audience gripped. Kaiji himself is a character that I adore due to him being a flawed individual and not some all knowing gambling god. He fails quite often and as a result builds masterful tension and stakes for the story. The antagonists of the series ...
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  • An amazing anime full of intense moments!
    This show is fantastic, once started I couldn't stop watching, its a thrilling anime where the protagonist takes great risk to get rid of crippling debt, it has you feel roller-coaster of emotions and the games involved are tough psychological battles where even life can be on the line. Would recommend to anybody.
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  • One of the best animes ever made
    Kaiji does a great job building up the tension and taking the viewer on an adrenaline filled roller coaster ride. It really does a great job capturing the feeling and excitement of gambling. There are no female characters in this anime. This show is just pure manliness. The clear and sharp art style with thick lines is unique and it really adds to the atmosphere and the manliness of the story.
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  • 2 out of 7 people found this review helpful:
    Seen this ages ago and loved it!
    First season was awesome and the start of the second was okay, but it did drag out towards the end. I'am going to watch this again with my mom and brother now it is on CR.

    think i watched this in 2011
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