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    Amazing Drawing and that's it
    This is all about the art and drawing.

    The story is all over the place. Really hard to follow and really understand what's going on..

    I didn't play the game but from the review I read, there is not much story there either. So I guess,

    Ever since Unlimited Blade Works was made, their productions just went downhill. Ufotable's modern production/anime works are very poor in Story and ...
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  • Something different to watch!!
    I must say i really enjoyed this , i don't usually go for historical anime, but this really appealed to me. The graphics is stunning but then i'm not surprised considering who made it and the story although started of confusing i figured out by third episode. Would of been nice to know why the enemy is hell bent on changing history whats the logic behind it and who the main person is that's ...
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  • Beautifully animated, thoughtful story
    The animation is lovely and the boys are all lovely, yes yes. But KTR is not at all a superficial harem-story with swords. Its focus on Japanese history, and the rumination on what 'history' means, give this series depth and dimension. All of this is rounded out with enough humor and 'what will happen next!?' moments to make for an excellent 13 episodes. Highly recommend.
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  • Confusing and storyline is STRANGE.
    I didn't like the storyline at all, It was a very bad start. Who is their master, How are they changing history? is this all a game? the way it started was a bad starting because it didnt explain anything. It went straight into the fighting and im just confused thinking the bad guys are good and the other guys are bad .

    If you realy like fighting in anime then this is the anime for you, It ...
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